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Grate Magnet

Dings Grate Magnets

Grate Magnets are permanent magnetic separators designed to remove fuzz iron and other small magnetic particles from free-flowing powders and granular materials – food, chemicals, plastics, minerals, etc. Dings grate magnets are a cost-effective way to remove damaging tramp metal and light concentrations of ferrous contaminants. The grate magnets are efficient because they work inside a product flow, so there is no need for the magnetism to reach through any great depth of material. Standard grate tubes are 1” in diameter, with a smooth stainless-steel surface on the outside and an assembly of Grade VIII Ceramic Magnetic Material or Rare Earth Magnetic Material on the inside. Dings grate magnets contain magnetic material throughout the entire tube to produce a more uniform separating force, unlike other grate magnets that are partially loaded with springs and fillers. Dings Co. offers a variety of designs to match flow capacity, location, degree of ferrous contamination and cleaning convenience required.

Ceramic Tube Magnet

TUBE Magnetic grate separators

Tubes are standard 1” diameter with lengths of 3” to over 2 ft, filled with Grade VIII Ceramic magnetic material (Rare Earth magnetic material available). End plugs are either plain or drilled and tapped ¼-20.

Grid Grate Magnet


Grid grate magnets don’t have a surrounding frame and can fit in confined spaces or irregularly shaped openings. They are easy to remove for cleaning. The tube ends are exposed. The magnet is supported by the cross bars or by the tube ends. Grid grate magnets are available is square, rectangle or round designs.

Heavy Duty Ceramic Frame Grate Magnet


Plain Frame grate magnet’s magnetic tubes are held into place within a simple external frame. It is the same internal construction as the Wing Type and Drawer Type.

Heavy Duty Frame Grate Magnet


Heavy-Duty Frame grate magnets are ideal for grain processing and other high-volume applications. It can be mounted securely over a receiving pit opening to remove ferrous from the product stream, handling high flow rates, hard-to-flow materials & minimizing product build-up.

  • Lifetime Guarantee on magnetism
  • Ruggedly built for demanding indoor/outdoor use
  • Larger 2″ square tubes providing more magnetic surface area.
  • Wider tube spacing
  • Heavy-duty all-welded construction
Double Bank Winged Ceramic Grate Magnet


The Wing Type Grate magnet can be used anywhere material to be separated will conveniently past through it. Some typical installations are used over hoppers, inside hoppers, below hoppers, underneath discharges from belt conveyors, underneath the bottom openings in vertical chutes and in floor openings. Installation is simple and easy.

  • No maintenance
  • Easy installation – no wiring, no on/off switch
  • Heavy-duty all-welded construction
Drawer Type Grate Magnet


Drawer grate magnets are specifically designed for use in closed chutes and ducts. This grate magnet pulls out for inspection and cleaning.

  • Lifetime Guarantee on magnetism
  • 11-gauge 304 stainless-steel construction
  • Bead-blasted satin finish, optional sanitary finish
Double Bank Housed Sanitary Grate Magnet


A Standard housed grate magnet is a welded enclosure with one or more banks of magnetic tubes inside. Drawer-type construction allows easy access to the inside for removal and cleaning of the tubes. Top and bottom flanges allow the magnet to be bolted directly into a square or rectangle chute.

  • Lifetime Guarantee on magnetism
  • Magnetic grate assembly is easy to remove for cleaning
  • Gasket assures dust-tight seal
  • Low-profile for close-quarters installation
Heavy Duty Pit Grate Magnet


The Heavy-Duty Pit Magnet is an extra sturdy magnet that mounts securely over receiving pit openings to remove ferrous from the product stream. This was designed specifically for grain handling facilities, continuously removing nails, screws, wire, tools and other tramp iron. It’s also ideal for other high volume processing operations with free-flowing powders or granular materials. The heavy-duty pit magnet has larger 2″ square magnetic tubes and wider spacing, allowing the pit magnet to be used in higher volume.

  • Lifetime Guarantee on magnetism
  • Heavy-duty, all-welded construction
  • Meets OSHA Specification at 2-112″ space between tubes
  • Mounts on top of receiving pit feed openings
  • Continuous separation with no-operating costs
EZ Clean Grate Magnet


Easy Clean grate magnets are ideal for applications which need more convenient or frequent cleaning. They contain Rare Earth Magnetic Material (the strongest) or ceramic magnetic material and are designed with tube-in-a-tube for quick removal of ferrous contaminants, eliminating messy hand cleaning. To clean – the drawer slides forward out of the product flow. The internal magnetic tubes are pulled from the tube assembly, releasing the ferrous attracted to the surface of the outer tubes.

  • Easy clean with just a simple drawer pull
  • Drawer slides on sturdy support rods
  • Gasket on the drawer front assures dust-tight seal
Auto Grate Magnet with Covers


Auto Clean is designed to operate continuously without attention. Magnetic particles and ferrous objects attracted against tube surfaces are removed automatically at regular intervals according to the setting on a timer dial. It offers the high magnetic separating efficiency of a Dings patented tube-in-a-tube grate magnet and the easiest method of cleaning Rare Earth magnetic tubes. Ideal for inaccessible locations where manual cleaning is difficult and for applications where ferrous content in product flow is very high.

  • Designed to automatically purify powders and granular materials.
  • Gets ride of damaging tramp iron with automatic action.
  • Separates contaminating particles with automatic action.
  • Patented easy clean design operates pneumatically.
  • Automatic tube cleaning maintains maximum magnetic efficiency.
  • Magnetics are discharged outside of product flow space.
  • Frequency of tube cleaning is controlled by adjustable time.
  • Duration of tube cleaning cycle is adjustable for best action.
Autograte SC Hump Control Box


The Auto Clean comes with a NEMA 12 control box. An automatic reset timer and a cleaning mode switch are easily accessible on the front of the box. Controls for clean cycle can be set at minutes or hours and in manual mode.

Rotary Grate Magnet


Rotary Grate magnets are ideal for purifying materials that do not flow easily and tend to plug up conventional grate magnets. They prevent material from bridging and improves magnetic separation by the agitating cohesive powders. They are designed for pulverized minerals and ceramics, fibrous substances and fine cohesive materials such as magnesium oxide, zircon powder, fly ash, alumina, gypsum, lime, powdered sugar, cornstarch and flour.

  • Lifetime Guarantee on magnetism
  • Performs magnetic separation and de-bridging
  • No more plugging of difficult to flow material and no product build up.
  • Allow difficult products to be screened without clogging the process line.
  • Speedy and reliable removal of iron particles from bulk materials that tend to stick, clog, bridge or choke.
Hopper Magnet with Closed Drawer


Hopper is designed for the plastics industry. It protects molding machinery and other processing equipment from damaging ferrous metal. Separation can be conveniently monitored through the transparent drawer face.

  • Lifetime Guarantee on magnetism
  • Slide gate shuts off product flow
  • Reduces maintenance and prevents equipment damage
  • Increases quality parts production
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy installation
  • Bead blasted satin finish, optional sanitary finish


Double Bank Housed Sanitary Grate Magnet

Sanitary Finish

A fully welded and blasted stainless-steel finish – free from cracks, pockets and/or corners that could allow for materials to collect on product flow area.

Grid Magnet with Deflectors


Deflectors help to guide material into the magnetic field by directing the flow to fall more closely or directly onto the grate tubes.

Grate Magnet Plane Frame

Double Bank

A second bank of magnets help to re-process any material/ferrous that may have gotten through the first bank.

Grate Magnet Drum Adaptor

Drum Adaptor

A transitional metal housing that helps to convert the mounting flange of the grate to or from a type FC drum.

Grate Magnet Hopper Adaptor

Hopper Adaptor

A transitional metal housing that helps to convert the mounting flange of the grate to or from a hopper.

Pneumatic Bin Vibrator for Housed Grate Magnet

Bin Vibrator - Pneumatic

A device powered by compressed air that shakes the material bin to help loosen the material and facilitate better flow.

Electromagnetic Bin Vibrator for House Grate Magnet

Bin Vibrator - Electromagnetic

A device powered by an electromagnet that shakes the material bin to help loosen the material and facilitate better flow.

House Grate Magnet with Transitions


A metal adaptor that helps to convert the mounting flange/surface of a housing to another flange/surface in a system.

EZ Clean Magnet Collection Tray

Collection Tray (for Easy Clean Grate)

Rare Earth Magnetic Material

Stronger than ceramic, these magnets allow for either a stronger hold on ferrous objects and/or the ability to successfully attract small ones.

Custom Designs

Our magnetic solutions experts can custom design any equipment to meet your specific application needs.