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Exploring What Sets Dings Apart

Dings Co. Magnetic Group is an engineering driven company. We are recognized worldwide for being a leading  industrial magnet manufacturer. Our engineers provide expert advice and innovative magnetic metal separation equipment. We also provide customized, unique solutions for difficult or unusual customer applications. Our commitment to adapting our products to meet our customers’ needs drives us to constantly develop new solutions. Our magnetic separation equipment features patented designs. As magnetic solution experts for the past 120 years, Dings Co. Magnetic Group achieves our customers’ goals with cost-effective solutions without sacrificing heavy-duty, long-lasting components or cutting corners that others might. All of our metal separation equipment is engineered and manufactured in Milwaukee, WI – USA.

Dings Electromagnetic Coils

Dings Electromagnetic Coil Diagram

Dings electromagnetic coils are wound with an anodized aluminum strap; an exclusive design that generates more magnetism than any other on the market and exceeds Class “H” insulation rating! This design outlasts and out-performs copper wire with polymer insulation or bare aluminum with Nomex® insulation.

Dings electromagnetic coils stay cooler – operating at a much lower temperature. Since electromagnets perform best at lower operating temperatures, this design ensures Dings electromagnets are stronger and more efficient. With “conventional” round wire coils, inside turns are not cooled evenly and product hot spots that damage coils. Each turn of the Dings electromagnetic coil is exposed to oil-cooling and is in constant contact with oil, therefore, eliminating the need for an oil expansion tank. Oil is free to flow around and in between each coil to maximize cooing effect.

  • 20-Year Warranty on coil burnout
  • No insulation needed – eliminating the major cause of coil failure (insulation breakdown)
  • More magnetism and separating power – generated by extra turns
  • Each turn is exposed to oil-cooling (assuring a stronger, more efficient magnet)
  • Eliminates the need for external oil expansion (less pipes or tanks that can easily be damaged)
Lifetime Guarantee on Permanent Magnets

Lifetime Guarantee on Magnetism

Dings Flux Control (DFC) Circuit design was a breakthrough for our permanent magnets. It eliminates internal leakage between magnetic poles and improves separating performance.

Other ‘conventional’ magnetic circuits contain air or filler material between the magnetic poles; this allows flux (magnetism) to leak out and be wasted. In the DFC design, blocking magnets are strategically positioned in the spaces between the magnetic poles. These blocks redirect the flux outward, into your product, which converts the wasted flux lines to working force. This makes the magnet more efficient and the overall strength is improved in three ways: The magnetic field is stronger, the magnetic field extends deeper and the magnetic field is more uniform. By using the DFC effectively, Dings magnetic solution experts can manufacture any sized permanent magnet that has just the right amount of magnetic power for your specific application – creating savings in weight and cost!

Custom Designing

Dings provides expert advice to customers needing assistance with separation solutions in their facility. Our magnetic separation experts pride themselves on taking the time to listen to our customer’s needs and providing them with expert advice with separation solutions in their facility. We take the extra effort in engineering and custom designing a product that is to our customer’s specific expectations and satisfaction. Then we manufacture what best fits into their existing process. From start to finish, our experienced and trusted team works together under one roof. Our engineering, manufacturing, sales, testing and service are in Milwaukee, WI USA. All of our separation equipment and industrial magnets are designed and manufactured in the USA.

Customer Service

Dings Co. Magnetic Group provides quick service to customers using our equipment in critical applications. We protect valuable processing equipment, ensure product purity and generate income while saving our customer’s money. We offer service on our industrial magnets for replacement parts, repairs and rebuilds and offer expert advice throughout the Americas with an experienced manufacturer rep sales organization. Dings educates our customers on magnetic separation for their specific applications and industry. Patented separation equipment and components in our products separate us from the competition. We want to make sure our customers are able to make the best choice for their application with all of the facts.

Dings Ceramic VIII: Superior Grade Magnetic Material

Dings Co. Magnetic Group uses the best grade of ceramics for our magnetic separators, ensuring a stronger, longer-lasting magnetic field. Ceramic VIII has a better resistance to demagnetization than Ceramic V or other lower grade materials. Ceramic VIII was developed specifically to overcome demagnetization. It outperforms Ceramic V in applications involving high temperatures.

Dings Co. Magnetic Group has sister companies that manufacture metal detectors and brakes:

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