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Elektrolift Magnet

Dings Electrolift Overhead Lifting Magnets

Dings Elektrolift Magnets are all-welded, steel constructed, industrial magnets built to take punishing actions encountered when hoisting steel in factories – such as: the jogging, jerking, pushing, pulling, twisting, sliding and frequent switching on/off. Elektrolift overhead lifting magnets are the preferred answer when searching for a better way to hoist parts on tool beds, grinders, etc. and to load trucks, bins and furnaces. Diameter sizes of 4”, 8”, 13” and 18” are available, ready to be shipped. Our magnetic experts can custom design an Elektrolift Magnet to suit your application needs.

4" Model

4 Inch Electrolift Lifting Magnet

8" Model

8 Inch Electrolift Lifting Magnet

13" Model

Dings 13 Inch Electrolift Overhead Magnets

18" Model

Dings Electrolift Overhead Lifting Magnet
Electrolift Overhead Magnet Strength & Size Chart


  • Trouble-free service with no hardware that could loosen or break
  • Continuously solid welded construction for industrial use
  • High surface strength and deep magnetic field
  • Rated for continuous duty


Custom Designs

Our magnetic solutions experts can custom design any equipment to meet your specific application needs.