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A History of Tradition & Excellence in Magnetic Separation

In 1899, Myron Dings developed an advanced type of magnetic separator during his employment at Allis-Chalmers. When he could not get his employer interested in manufacturing it, he founded his own company and named it Dings Magnetic Separator Company.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin and the year – 1918. The Dings Magnet Company introduced a newer separator for the foundry industry. Mounted on a durable wood frame, this quality separator improved customer’s profitability by turning ordinary foundry waste into clean, reusable products. Waste material first passed through a cylindrical screen to separate the sand. Then, a powerful Alnico magnetic drum separated the ferrous material from other mixed by product. The clean iron can then be reused in the customer’s next casting run.

Today, more than a century later, our company continues to remain a strong leader in the industry; providing magnetic separation solutions to various applications. We offer overhead magnets, magnetic head pulleys, deep draw drums, eddy current separators and much more. Our magnetic separation equipment is built to be easily incorporated into your existing production stream. Dings Co. Magnetic Group can design any magnetic separator to fit your specific needs.