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Why Dings Electromagnets are the Best in the Industry

Why Dings Electromagnets are the Best in the Industry

Diagram of Dings Electromagnetic Coil Design

Dings Electromagnetic Coil Design

Dings electromagnetic coils are wound with an anodized aluminum strap; an exclusive design that generates more magnetism than any other electromagnet on the market and exceeds Class “H” insulation rating! This design outlasts and out-performs copper wire with polymer insulation or bare aluminum with Nomex® insulation.

Dings electromagnetic coils stay cooler – operating at a much lower temperature. Since electromagnets perform best at lower operating temperatures, this design ensures Dings electromagnets are stronger and more efficient. With “conventional” round wire coils, inside turns are not cooled evenly and product hot spots that damage coils. Each turn of the Dings electromagnetic coil is exposed to oil-cooling and is in constant contact with oil, therefore, eliminating the need for an oil expansion tank. Oil is free to flow around and in between each coil to maximize cooling effect.

20 Year Warranty on Coil Burnout

Dings Coil Design Benefits

  • 20-Year Warranty on coil burnout
  • No insulation needed – eliminating the major cause of coil failure (insulation breakdown)
  • More magnetism and separating power – generated by extra turns
  • Each turn is exposed to oil-cooling (assuring a stronger, more efficient magnet)
  • Eliminates the need for external oil expansion (less pipes or tanks that can easily be damaged)

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