Dings Flux Control, A Better Permanent Magnet Design

Diagram of Dings Flux Control Circuit Design

Unique Dings Flux Control (DFC) Circuit Design

Dings Flux Control (DFC) Circuit Design was a breakthrough in the design of Overhead Permanent Magnetic Separators. It eliminates internal leakage between magnetic poles and improves separating performance.

Other “conventional” magnetic circuits contain air or filler material between the magnetic poles; this allows flux (magnetism) to leak out and be wasted. In the DFC  circuit design, blocking magnets are positioned in the spaces between the magnetic poles.

The overall strength of the magnet is improved in three ways:

  1. The magnetic field is stronger
  2. The magnetic field extends deeper
  3. The magnetic field pattern is more uniform

Dings Company offers a wide range of permanent overhead magnets, ensuring that your magnet will be sized properly for your specific application needs.

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Dings Permanent Magnets with DFC Design