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120 Years Experience

Applying the Proper Magnet for Your Application
Dings Co. Magnetic Group – Engineered and Manufactured in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA since 1899
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Overhead Electromagnets

Exclusive Design Protects Against Coil Burnouts
**NEW** 20-Year Warranty Against Coil Burnout
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Eddy Current Separators

Save Money – Generate Income – Improve Product Purity
Strong Efficient Separation with Dings Exclusive Patented Design
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Overhead Permanent Magnets

Patented Flux Circuit Design
Lifetime Guarantee on Magnetism
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Support Focused on Customer Service

With Over 100 Years of Manufacturing Experience
We are able to provide factory repairs & rebuilds and
troubleshooting advice on-site or from our plant
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Call Us For Advice From Magnetic Separation Experts

An Engineering Driven Company with Over 100 Yrs Experience
We will welcome your call when you need magnetic separation advice from experts
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Dings Plant

Why Choose Dings Co. Magnetic Group for Your Application?

For over 120 years, Dings Co. Magnetic Group has been providing cost-effective magnetic separation solutions around the world. We manufacture a complete line of reliable magnetic products specifically designed to handle the most challenging applications. Our magnets and Eddy Current Separators ensure product purity and equipment protection by effectively recovering ferrous and non-ferrous metals from your product stream.

Dings magnets are used in a wide variety of industries. We proudly serve rock quarries and mines to protect crushers, food and chemical plants to prevent iron contamination, recycling operations to separate aluminum and other metals, solid waste plants to reclaim steel, on roads and construction sites to pick up nails and other metal debris and wherever metal needs separated, moved or removed from our customer’s applications.

Patented Designs

Patented Designs

  • Innovative and patented designs for magnetic separation and sorting solutions

120 Years in Business

120 Years in Business

  • Over 120 years of tradition and expertise in magnetic solutions for global-wide companies

Customer Service Focus

Customer Service Focus

  • Our team of engineering, manufacturing and factory sales representatives are under one roof for prompt response

Equipment Protection

Equipment Protection

  • Our magnetic products ensure protection of processing equipment from damage and prevent costly downtime


20-Year Warranty on Coil Burnout for Electromagnets

Our electromagnet coils are wound with an anodized aluminum strap; an exclusive design that generates more magnetism than any other on the market and exceeds Class “H” insulation rating! This design outlasts and outperforms “conventional” round wire coils that can lead to coil burnouts.




Lifetime Guarantee on Magnetism for Overhead Permanent Magnets

We designed our overhead permanent magnets with patented Dings Flux Control (DFC) Circuit Design. DFC eliminates internal leakage between magnetic poles and improves separating performance. The overall strength of the magnet field is stronger, extended deeper and the pattern is more uniform.

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