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Demagnetizing Coil

Where pulps containing magnetic solids are classified or deslimed after discharge from magnetic separators, the individual particles occasionally form magnetic floes which prevent proper hindered-settling action, thereby defeating the purpose of the step. Properly demagnetized, the individual particles freely meet the conditions and assure success of the operation. Dings Demagnetizing Coils are designed for exceptionally high capacity with low-rated heat rise. Step-winding is carefully carried out to meet the rigid design requirements.

Precision ground, honed or machine steel is often magnetized. Our demagnetizing coil will remove magnetism in ferrous materials.


  • Sturdy, protective surface withstands severe impacts
  • Designed for high capacity with low-rated heat rise
  • Demagnetize individual ferrous particles/materials
  • No maintenance required
  • Step-winding design
  • Easy installation


Custom Designs

Our magnetic solutions experts can custom design any equipment to meet your specific application needs.


Dings Demagnetizing Coils are easy to install – just place vertical, horizontal or at a 45° angle and let parts fall through.