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Rotating Magnetic Drums

Dings Permanent Drum Magnets

Rotating Magnetic Drums can be installed inside closed chutes, at outlets of chutes and hoppers or where materials discharge from feeders and conveyors. Drum magnetic separators are continuously self-cleaning. During operation of our rotating magnetic drum separators, a non-magnetic shell is driven around an internal stationary magnet. Material to be separated is fed against or near the revolving stainless-steel shell. The ferrous metal is magnetically drawn out of the material and held against the revolving shell. Then the ferrous is discharged at the other side of the drum, which is no longer in the magnetic field. The non-magnetic material falls away in a normal trajectory.

Dings Flux Control (DFC) Circuit Design

Dings Permanent Drum Flux Control Design

Dings Flux Control (DFC) Circuit Design was a breakthrough in the design of Permanent Magnet Separators. It eliminates internal leakage between magnetic poles and improves separating performance.

Other “conventional” magnetic circuits contain air of filler material between the magnetic poles; this allow flux (magnetism) to leak out and be wasted. In the DFC circuit design, blocking magnets are strategically positioned in the spaces to working force, which makes the magnet more efficient.

The overall strength of the magnet is improved in three ways:

  1. The magnetic field is stronger
  2. The magnetic field extends deeper
  3. The magnetic field pattern is more uniform

By using the DFC effectively, our magnetic separation solutions experts can manufacture any sized magnet that has just the right amount of magnetic power for your specific application – creating savings in weight and cost.

Deep Draw Drum Magnetic Separators

Dings Deep Draw Drum Magnetic Separators

Permanent Drums Magnetic Separators

Dings Permanent Drum Magnets