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Grip Magnets

Dings Grip Magnet

Bits of rust, scale, abraded steel and welding splatter circulating in oil cause pump damage and rapid gear wear. Protect your heavy-duty trucks and machinery with Dings Grip Magnets. Grip Magnets are small permanent magnets that get rid of tiny pieces of steel circulating in hydraulic oil and transmission oil. They are placed inside oil reservoirs in excavators, heavy-duty trucks and anywhere oil circulates in machinery. A Grip Magnet placed inside the oil reservoir or gear box will hold itself there, removing damaging metal from oil circulating around it and through it. The entire surface is magnetic. The greatest concentration of magnetism is on the teeth where even minute sized particles of steel are attracted and permanently taken out of circulation.


  • Lifetime Guarantee on magnetism
  • No operating costs
  • Continuous separation
  • Magnetized steel poles and teeth
  • One-piece assembly
  • Mounts itself – holds against any steel surface
  • Works in any position
  • Oil circulates through – works when completely submerged in oil


Custom Designs

Our magnetic solutions experts can custom design any equipment to meet your specific application needs.