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Magnet FAQs

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What is a magnet?

What is a magnetic field?

What is a magnetic separator?

Is the magnetic field dangerous to me?

What is magnetism?

What is a permanent magnet?

Are permanent magnets actually permanent?

What is an electromagnet?

What is the difference between a permanent magnet and an electromagnet?

How are magnetic fields measured?

How strong is my magnet?

Can my magnetic separator lift an object that weighs X pounds?

What is the difference in separating strength between Permanent Magnets vs. Electromagnets?

Why is my magnetic separator not as strong as it used to be?

How do I make my magnetic separator stronger?

What kinds of magnets are the strongest?

How does an eddy current separator work?

Does the eddy current separator work with all metals?

What is a demagnetizer?

How does a demagnetizer work?

How does a magnetic head pulley work?

How does a deep draw drum work?

How do I know which product to use for my application?

How do I repair/refurbish my magnetic separator?

If I have a metal detector in my facility, do I also need a magnetic separator?

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